What RISE means to me, Kristen

Written by Kristen Randall

When I first heard about RISE, it seemed interesting but I was unsure if I wanted to join the program because I really didn’t have a background in anything environmentally-related. After receiving a couple of emails about it I really wanted to give it a try, because I was interested in sustainability and thought it would be a  nice complement to my major, which is packaging. Packaging is all about how materials are used to make packages for products  and I want to know how to do that in the most environmentally- friendly way. RISE definitely has given me opportunities to learn about the environment and to get involved at Michigan State. I love getting to help in the greenhouse and keeping a compost bin in my dorm room.  However, since I’ve been here I’ve realized that it’s actually more than just a way to help the Earth; it’s also about community. We are a group of different individuals who share a common interest and goal, which is to do what we can to help the environment. Living and learning around so many like-minded people who have different strengths and personalities is really cool.  I’ve met some of my best friends through RISE and have gotten to hear about some awesome ideas through the projects we do in NSC 192, such as vegetable-oil powered cars. The cooking workshops, crocheting event, tutoring and mentoring available through RISE have eased my transition to college and made me feel more connected to Michigan State.  I’m so glad I decided to join the program, it has been one of my favorite parts of college so far!


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