Bailey GREENspace Grant Project

Written by Hannah Brenner
Photos by Karli Miller

Zhuli, Jorhie and I are excited to have completed the biggest part of our grant project, the installation of the plants in the Bailey GREENspace! The goal of the GREENspace was to take an area and turn it into a natural, beautiful, sustainable, ecologically friendly area. Native Michigan perennials were introduced to attract pollinators, reduce runoff into the Red Cedar River, and educate people on green landscaping (greenscaping).

It took months of planning to make this possible. We started writing the grant in the fall for the class, and it was approved just after the beginning of the spring semester. We met with RHS, IPF, and many other people countless times to plan the event, order the correct plants, and work out the budget.

The GREENspace is located at the southeast corner of Brody Neighborhood on MSU’s campus.

The event was  better than we ever imagined. We partnered with the Brody Bowl to plan a fun afternoon of ice cream, music, and “getting our hands dirty.” Over fifty people showed up to help us get our native plants into the ground. The entire area was planted in about two hours! We are so thankful to everyone that came out!

Bailey Hall residents chat while planting grasses.
Bailey Hall residents chat while planting grasses.

The most exciting part of this project to me, however, is the future. The tiny plants that are there right now will grow into big, tall grasses. The flowers will bloom every year. People will be able to enjoy the GREENspace for years and years and it will continue to be a positive space for the environment.

Dr. Laurie Thorp and  Jorhie Beadle
Dr. Laurie Thorp and Jorhie Beadle share a hug at the completion of the GREENspace planting event.

Hannah is a zoology sophomore. Reach her at 


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