What we’re thankful for

Written by Stephanie Marceau

People are thankful for the big things; family, friends, opportunities.

Other people are thankful for the little things; longboarding, food, fall nights.

Spartans are thankful for passing classes, Combo Exchanges, and beating Michigan.

RISE members are thankful for the environment, a new family, and a new home in Bailey Hall.

As we wander around campus, though, and soak in the fresh air and the crisp smell of falling leaves and hustle and bustle student life, we find one thing in common with all the things that people are thankful for; happiness.

Every one of these things people are thankful for, they make them happy. Happiness is a bigger key in people’s lives than they realize. It’s truly something everyone yearns for, what everyone is searching for. Not for a new relationship, not for good grades, not for combo-exchanges alone. These things may give momentary happiness, but realistically the secret thing we want the most, the thing we are most thankful for, is happiness.

RISE has hit a fantastic note in naming one of its core values happiness. We have figured out a secret that most people don’t bother to acknowledge, that happiness, not fame, not money, are what we truly should be looking for. It does not matter if you are liked, or well-liked, all that matters is if you are happy.

That is what we should be thankful for this year, and I am very pleased that RISE seems to get it, that happiness is what we should search for, and what we should actually love, for it is not how much we have, but how much we happiness we experience that makes a life worthwhile.


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