I Am From the Four Seasons

Poem by Dani Blumstein

I am from the four seasons
From open windows and a breath of fresh air
I am from the willow movements that seems impossible,
Limbs reaching out, that seem to bend and never end
I am from strength and a gentle curiosity
From big mouths that are too shy to speak out
And from the hidden worlds that only exist within

I am from Yiddish phrases and funny faces
The learning beyond the classroom with the teacher for life
I am from the small giant that used to visit, with his strange ways and fun games
From the older, the wiser, the smarter, the works in progress
I am from the constant battle between brother and sister
Where one will always prevail

I am from the water and the hand-me-downs
The deliciousness and the first form of freedom
From the four questions and the music
I am from this and that
And I am from the worst they can say is no

I am from the tree the apple fell not too far from
And from the nest that the bird is desperate to leave
I am from a walking paradox


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