The Light of Our Ways

Poem by Mirna Kaafarani

The glimmer of our lantern fades into the night sky
Never will anyone say
We are the ones that triumphed and stood as one
How wrong! The truth is
Our nations are forever stained with the blood of terror
The land of tarnished honor and name
Come and gone
The light that shines over homes filled with love and laughter
We are left with
The debris and remains haunted by familiar voices
We have put behind us
The reason and rhyme of culture and tradition
The masses have come to grasp
An illogical rationalization of God
It’s necessary to let go of
The divine dream of a better future
I can foresee
The darkness veil the rolling hills of sand and green
Never again will
The warm glow shine through our children’s eyes
The world will always see
Our mistakes, our errors, and our losses
We must forget
The land and life we once called ours
We must hold on to
This horrid place we now call home
Because we have lost sight of the lantern that once guided us

(Now read the bottom verse first and make your way to the top)


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