Sustainable Dorm Garden

Written by Stephanie Marceau

During this time of the year, we’re falling into the excitement for spring and getting stoked for all the things we will do while it’s warm. One idea is a sustainable dorm garden, which is good for not only enjoying your spring months, being green, and also for you. So as it gets sunnier contemplate a dorm garden!

What you need:

*Herbs or plant seeds of your choice (oregano, potatoes, parsley)

*Plant pots- now they don’t have to be conventional, you can choose terra cotta if you want or be even more sustainable and use recycled water bottles or other plastic beverage containers

*Soil of your choice


*The sunniest area in your dorm room

1.) Find the perfect, sunniest part of your room where it would be viable to put a couple of plants and let them grow.

2.) Buy the materials at a nearby store such as ACE, or use materials around you, such as dirt from outside, water from the faucet, old recyclable containers, etc. The containers must be bigger than a yogurt container but not too large like a gallon container. The only thing I would recommend buying is dirt for disturbing the soil outside would hurt the plants out there, but composted fertilized soil (Such as from the student organic farm at MSU, available at places like the MSU Surplus store) are preferable.

3.) Put a little dirt in the pots, put the seed(s) in, and then cover the seed(s) with more soil. Give a little water.

4.) Water your plants daily, keep them in the proper amount of sunlight, and watch your garden grow!

Not only will this cut down on college costs, for it could give you more snacks that you would not have to pay for, but also you will pretty up your room with natural beauty and also likely make it smell fresher and cleaner with the plants there. Plants are great filters, filtering air and making it fresher and cleaner. Now, have a safe, fun, sustainable road to spring!


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