Western Wonders

Written by Bethany Kogut

For my entire life, I have lived in an environment where you could see the leaves on a tree change color with the seasons and snow fall. I would consider this to be more outdoors than living in a concrete jungle, yet this past week I was able to experience for the first time a whole other level of the outdoors, and I’m not only talking about the higher altitude. I had the opportunity to spend a week in the beautiful mountains and trails of Colorado where I had many mind opening experiences.

The first one took place on the drive to our humble abode. I was sitting on a bus for five hours and had trouble staying focused on a book. I have had many five hour road trips due to the distance my family lives away from me, and I have never had a problem of taking my eyes off from the trees and clouds flying by. Yet this bus ride was different; the trees seemed to go on forever and the mountains were more gorgeous than any picture or poem could make them seem.

The second experience was on the ski slopes in Crested Butte. We have all heard young children in public places complain about having to wait without a screen in front of them or some sort of entertainment. As a strong advocate for curing the nature deficit disorder that many children face today, it was glorious and hopeful to watch children as young as the age of three go down mile long ski runs with a smile the whole time and not a single complaint.

The final observation that helped my mind open was the pure beauty that Colorado has to offer. Being inside just felt like a waste. The air was crisp and the views were breathtaking leaving no reason to sit in front of a TV screen or watch a movie.

My trip to Colorado was just the first step of many more adventures I hope to take part in to the western part of the United States and I can’t wait to see what else it has to offer, the new knowledge I can gain, and the new risks to embark on.

Sunset on the mountain


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