Pig Love

Written by Stephanie Marceau

On Feb. 24, the most magical thing happened: I met this year’s mama pigs at the Student Organic Farm on MSU’s campus. Their names are Big Red, Pinky, and my personal favorite, Stella. They are all pregnant pig mamas brought from the MSU Swine Farm to raise their piglets organically to be sold for food. They came on a Tuesday and were simply mystified and enamored with the fact they could sprawl out on the straw and get comfy. The cold also probably shocked them a bit too, but they are doing well. I also was mystified and enamored, falling immediately in love with these “gentle giants” as our wonderful Pig Leader Laurie Thorp has called them before.

Feb. 24 was training day, and I paid attention, but what I really was focused on was loving those pigs. Of course I know where their food is kept and about the seven pound scoop and to make sure their water isn’t frozen, but c’mon,  ever since I met pigs last fall, pig loving has been something I’ve been dreaming about. Their cute snouts, their affinity for shiny boots, all of it is extremely lovable to me.

After the training, Laurie advised me to run and get there first so I could see the pigs before anyone else. So with my too-loose boots I moved as fast as I could without slipping on ice. I jumped right in, after a few unsuccessful tries because of my short legs, and then I was there— In the pen with the mamas.

You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m pretty sure I died a little bit right there.

Pinky was active and moving all about, Big Red was close enough to see, but it was the elusive one, Stella, nestled in the back, that caught my attention the most. I walked right over there and began petting her. A girl named Sam and I gave her a good belly rub, and though I said hi to the other pigs in my visit, I spent most of my time with pretty little Stella. She just closed her eyes and let me rub her, and I felt elated.

I don’t think my friends have seen me this happy in a while.

The experience was magical, and I cannot wait to go back again. Special thanks to Laurie for making this happen, because I could never dream of how wonderful this could be. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.

As the Pig Team says,

With Pig Love,




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