Written by Stephanie Marceau

Innovation. It is a word that often is tied with creativity, industry, progress. Though those things are true, it is also true that it can also tie deeply with the root of all creativity, industry, and progress: nature. Without the natural world, without our environment, we would have never gotten to where we are today. The environment, no matter its current state, will always be where we got our inspiration, our art, our technology. That is why, though many associate innovation with the digital age nowadays, innovation would be nothing without nature, and to continue innovating we must innovate what we have ignored for far too long: our environment.

Throughout time, men have been trying to better themselves through technology that can change the world. It began with the wheels and weapons and now has come to iPads and the digital world. Warfare has evolved from spears to guns to bombs, and from formations to guerilla to digital. We are constantly evolving and changing in such a way that is convenient for man. But we often forget the other things that live on this world, such as animals and plants. They are stakeholders in this world as much as we are, and we neglect their relevance. We are that Wall Street fat cat who steals from the good-hearted and unsuspecting. Evolution has been key to our success, yet we let no others succeed with us, which will inevitably lead to destruction or man standing on the edge the world, utterly alone. Through industry and this ‘evolution’ we have ‘bettered’ ourselves, but are we truly better when we have destroyed everything we have touched?

Nowadays, there is awareness of what we have done, the destruction, the desolation that we have forced upon the world. Many people know the way we have wronged the rest of the inhabitants of this world. There are dissidents to these ideas, but these so called ideas are facts. The world deserves better than us, and has been trapped in this abusive relationship for far too long. It deserves better from us. Enough people know that there is a problem, but the problem is that not enough people bother with a solution. Every mathematician knows that to every problem there is a solution, though it may not be as obvious as one would expect. Every artist knows for each idea, there is a right color. Every writer knows for each space there is a right word. Knowing is not enough.

That is why we need something more, more than knowledge, more than thoughts. We need innovation. We need change. We need a metamorphosis of the human race, into something stronger, something more sustainable. For once our innovation needs to not turn towards ourselves in a physical way, but more towards a mental way. We need to take action, we need to do something. We are in our proverbial cocoon, we are so ready to burst free and all we need is one kick of the foot to break through our shells to make this world a better place. One little action can turn into many little actions which will eventually turn into big actions, actions big enough to save our environment from ourselves and break free into the form we need to be. To change the world, we must let the world change us.


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