Tips to a greener, more sustainable dorm room

Written by Kristen Randall

  • Used furniture and appliances – Don’t buy a completely new fridge and microwave if you can avoid it. Use a friend or sibling’s old one, or buy a used one online.
  • Buy organic bedding- Normal cotton is grown in nasty pesticides and other materials are made with neurotoxins.
  • Reuse old materials to make your own décor.
  • Get some plants! They look pretty and will help remove toxins and purify the air.
  • Reuse old notebooks – Don’t just throw away the half-used notebooks from last semester, use up the entire thing! Or better yet, just take notes on your laptop.
  • Buy organic cleaning products.
  • Use a surge protector – They can help save energy.
  • Get your furniture locally – If you’re out of state, it’s more earth-friendly to buy your futon near the school rather than having it shipped.
  • Decorate with paper materials – There are plenty of options that can be recycled once you’re tired of them.
  • Cut down on unnecessary items – when packing to come back next semester, plan as if you’re going camping. It helps you realize what you truly need and what you can get by just fine without.
  • Carry around your own reusable water bottle or coffee mug.
  • Buy used textbooks or share with a friend.

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