Why I like trees

Written by Mary McHugh 

I believe that trees are the most beautiful thing on earth. One may be called a “tree hugger” or a “hippie” but one does not mind freely expressing one’s love for the trees. With their stature, majestic tangling branches, and luscious leaves. The prepossessing deciduous trees that change colors in the fall, the fruit trees that bear beautiful blossoms in the spring, and the great conifers that stay green through rough winters. All trees show their unique beauty. How can one not fall in love with such beings?

Like humans, trees are not born beautiful. Trees germinate in the ground and start to sprout as a mere sapling. Then they go through their awkward phase, just as one went through in middle school. They must go through many trials and tribulations. Trees must learn to dance with the wind. Some are more graceful than others. Some trees get their feet stepped on and fall over. Even then, most trees eventually become gorgeous giants.

They are not all looks though. Trees are lovers. They care for the creatures around them. Trees provide homes and storage for their furry and not so furry woodland friends. They can be an escape from the dangers in the world below. These magnificent organisms also provide oxygen for everything with a beating heart. The very oxygen in the blood that flows through one’s body was produced by a photosynthetic being. If that is not reason enough to love them, one does not know what is.

Trees also provide perspective of the world around us. Climbing to the top and gazing at the world below gives one perspective of just how small one is. This is in no way degrading, but rather humbling. It reminds one that there is more in this world than just what one can see at ground level.

Trees give life and therefore we must do all we can to protect them. Trees cannot speak or express themselves through movement. They only have the power to keep the very thing harming them alive. So as Dr. Seuss said in his famous book, The Lorax, “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.“


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