21 Things To Do With Leaves

Written by Lindsay Mensch

In Michigan, trees are an integral part of life. They are everywhere. So, one could say that leaves are everywhere. We often think of raking leaves as a chore, but we forget the importance of leaves to our world. They are and can be used for so many things; here are just twenty-one!

  1. Photosynthesize and exchange gases with the environment (recommended for plants only)
  2. Make an autumnal wreath
  3. Form them into a pile to jump in
  4. Compost them
  5. Use them for cooking and serving food
  6. Make a tree costume (as mentioned by Mary McHugh)
  7. Use them for table decorations after painting them gold
  8. Make a leaf mobile or banner
  9. Eat them (spinach…yum)
  10. Attach them to a mason jar for a colorful, fall-themed candle holder
  11. Make leaf jewelry
  12. Incorporate them into a collage
  13. Mulch with leaves
  14. Make them into bookmarks
  15. Take photos of them to post on social media and get lots of likes
  16. Paint and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree
  17. Use them as inspiration for art, whether writing, drawing, or otherwise
  18. Replace toilet paper with leaves (if you’re in a pinch)
  19. Incorporate them into a brush shelter for wildlife
  20. Turn the leaves into the petals of a homemade flower
  21. Appreciate all that they do for the world!

Picture Source: http://bit.ly/1HsacKy


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