Inspiration to Bee an Apis

Written by Mary McHugh

Being a RISE student means having a ton of exciting opportunities. One of those opportunities is becoming a member of the MSU Bee Team.

At first I really had no idea what was going on. There were words tossed around like “propolis” and “drones” and I had absolutely no idea what anybody was talking about. This was mostly due to the fact that I was in the back of the group. Once I got closer to the action I really started to learn about the bees.

Working with the bees has been an incredible experience. I am no longer scared of their peewee but powerful stingers because I understand they are generally very docile. I find myself incredibly fascinated by those little pollinators. They are part of such a complex and hard working society. It is exhilarating to be so close and witness these tiny organisms work.

Bee colonies are predominantly female. I feel a certain kind of feminist attachment to these fierce females. The females clean the hive, care for the youngins, protect the hive, and still bring home the pollen and nectar. They have a stinger and male bees do not. Female bees are who pollinated billions of plants. Many of these plants are fruit plants that humans harvest from to feed their families and communities. On a world scale, they are so minuscule yet, have such a huge impact on the world.

I am inspired by bees to be just as hard working and influential as they are.


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