Nourish The Soul

By Marie Clark

What I used to shy away from,
I am now learning to embrace.
I know now that I cannot survive a day without
the fulfillment of my
My body would ache,
my taste buds would quiver,
and I would be stuck looking at the mirror and looking up to the sky.


Looking at the reflection that would always question my own value.
Looking at the sky cursing why I was given this body.
But food is not meant for creating a shriveling body.
Food is meant to give one strength.
Give one hope.
It gives you brainpower to handle the next big challenge.
It doesn’t tell you what your future will hold, but it will help you get there.


Food brings everyone together.
We have it to celebrate, we have it to comfort.
We rush for it after a long practice.
We order it in when the talks occurring are just too important to stop for cooking.
But then, we even sometimes jump into the kitchen to make it
and get a little


I used to paint food as a messy subject.
To me, it didn’t mean family. It didn’t mean new adventures.
It was just a necessity, like shelter and clothing.
I did not see it in the light that it should be in.
But, I see it for more than just the bread of life now.
It’s a mood changer. It’s an energy boost.
It’s a memory maker. It’s a sweet smell that wraps you up.
It tells you the season. It tells you the feeling.
It creates relationships.


Be a foodie.
Get some grub.
Let food be social. Educational. Spiritual.
Sit down with those you love and enjoy a good meal.
Talk long.
Learn the cultures and traditions that surround the food.
Don’t fret so much about how ‘healthy’ something is.
If you can eat it, your body will figure out what to do with it.


Food is not the problem,
it is the solution.
Let it nourish your body.
Let it nourish your soul.




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