Leap Day

Written by: Lindsay Mensch

February 29 is a day we only see once every four years. It’s a special addition to our regular 365 days. I like to think of it as an extra chance to do something great.

So what did I do yesterday? On Leap Day 2016, I did a lot of things. I got up early. I took a picture of the Red Cedar River. I ate an organic trail mix bar for breakfast. I rode the bus to work. I went to my English class and discussed Middlemarch, one of the greatest novels in the English language. I walked to my philosophy class, and we discussed responsible, ethical action. Then I walked back to Brody and grabbed a late lunch. I recycled. I sat down and worked on some assignments. I read a play. I went on the Internet to take a break from my work. I finished a book I’ve been working on for months. I accomplished a lot.

Overall, it was an ordinary day. But that doesn’t make it any less important. I did valuable things for myself and our planet. I was conscious of my trash, of the water I used, of the food I ate. I made sure to take some time for a break from working as well. All of these things are vital for my personal health and environmental health.

I did something really great yesterday.
What did you do with your extra day?

Cover Photo: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/pagedooley/8435953365/in/search_QM_q_IS_Recycling


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