8 Things I Love About Winter

Written by: Marie Clark

8 Things I Love About Winter

We’ve had a great winter season. As we are experiencing our last few cold days, I wanted to give some appreciation for what I especially like about winter.

  1. Playing in the Snow
    • When the snow comes down, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, and building snowmen are must do’s! Get your gloves on and enjoy the crisp white powder in some way!
  2. Winter Fashion
    • Jeans, scarfs, long jackets, sweaters, layering, long boots, work boots, headbands, oh my! It is my favorite to layer my normal summer dresses with tights, cardigans, long socks, and booties.
  3. Bonfires
    • Who doesn’t love soothing those freezing toes, hands, and bums with a blanket by a nice warm fire? And for those of us not lucky enough to have that, find a cool youtube fireside video to relax to.
  4. Food
    • Soup, squash, and slow cooker meals just warm our insides and make our tummies happy! Not to mention the multitude of yummy hot drinks that are perfect for the cold weather.
  5. Sleep
    • Winter always makes everyone a little more relaxed and tired. So why not take some “you time” to take a nap and catch up some much needed rest!
  6.  Sunrises and Sunsets
    • Shorter days and longer nights mean that one can finally see the sun rising and setting at reasonable hours, especially for those who don’t have to get up super early anymore.
  7. Hat hair
    • This time of the year, everyone is styling unique hats and mittens which includes some very unfavorable hat hair from everyone. Don’t tease your friend about it because beneath your beanie you have it too. Compliment others for their cool hats and how you are both really smart for wearing one.
  8. Good TV and Movies
    • Baby, it’s cold outside so get into some really good Netflix series, or watch every Disney movie, or learn how to knit on YouTube. Curling up with a good show to watch and just relaxing is one of my favorite things to do in the winter!

Cover Photo: Brooke Desposato by the Red Cedar River on the first snowfall of winter in November 2015. Look at how the snow clings to her beanie and in her hood!


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