Spring Break and Sustainability

Written by: Lindsay Mensch

Over spring break, I traveled to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my family. I’ve been there before once or twice when I was little, but I barely remembered it; plus, lots of things have changed in the parks since I went there! Even though I was an adult during my recent visit, I found the creativity and enchantment in the Magic Kingdom to be extraordinary. It was my little sister’s first trip to Disney World, so I can only imagine how much more magical it must have been for her! Taking this vacation gave me a much needed break from Michigan’s cold weather. Overall, it was just a bunch of fun!

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There was a negative that I saw consistently throughout my stay though. In the Magic Kingdom, I noticed that there was a lack of recycling bins. There were many purposed for just bottles and cans, but there were no other varieties. It made me miss the campus of MSU, where I can recycle anything from paper to glass, and even compost my food waste. It got me to imagining how many people went through the Magic Kingdom daily; it was packed even on the random Tuesday that I went. Just having additional bins available would likely encourage their use, especially since there are so many paper products and food vendors across the park.

Disney does do some things right, however. The on-site bus transportation can get you anywhere you need to go, and it helps to discourage people from burning gas in their own cars. The Magical Express bus from the Orlando International Airport is also great; it’s complementary if you stay at a resort, and it reduces the amount of fuel people would use otherwise.

Before I took AP Environmental Science in high school, I never really thought about any of these things. Taking Intro to Sustainability here at MSU has opened my eyes even more. Now I notice sustainable practices (and lack thereof) everywhere I go.



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