Bees, Flowers, Rainbows, and SUN!

Written by: Marie Clark

Just a few weeks ago, on a great sunny Friday afternoon, I noticed a bunch of friends in the tree near Bailey hanging some hammocks, standing up in the tree and jamming to some great music with a friend’s loud speaker. It was like the feeling was contagious and throughout the day you could see more people come out and enjoy the nice weather. Some basketball games started, volleyball matches were beginning, frisbee and catch were being played in the fields of Brody. I simply loved how everyone was springing out of their winter slumber and enjoying the great outdoors for just a few hours. Spring is coming so soon and even though it is still a bit chilly outside, I have some fun ideas to share with you about my favorite things to do this time of year.

  1. Volunteer
    • This time of year is such a great time to take some extra time you have and get outside or travel somewhere near and help out. Some of the girls on my floor did a river clean up at the part of the Red Cedar that is by our dorm this weekend. Go volunteer some time to plant a local garden or one in your backyard. Interested in animals? Go to your local shelter and see what opportunities they have. Whatever it is you are interested in, make some time to help out your community this season because it will benefit not only you but your area as well.
  2. Go for a walk
    • I have noticed many friends of mine have been starting to get outside more and want to explore town.What better way to do this than by going for a walk! Get some friends and check out the coffee shop you’ve been waiting to get to. Go find a new trail you’ve never walked before. Go on a scavenger hunt to find 3 patches of flowers, take pictures of them, and find out what they are when you get home. Whatever you do, get outside and get moving. Spring is the time you can finally stretch out your muscles and wiggle your toes in the fresh grass. Get outside and maybe even get a little dirty.
  3. Watch a sunrise
    • Now, I know it is even earlier than just a few weeks ago, but this time of year our sleep schedules adjust and if you are lucky enough to be able to see a sunrise, it puts a smile on your face all day. I can’t think of any better way to start my day than to wake up rested, get a cup of joe or tea, and see a sunrise while I am still in my pajamas. Now, granted I don’t do this too often, it is a really special thing when I can. So indulge in a sunrise at least once!
  4. Keep an eye out for critters
    • Bees, squirrels, butterflies, birds, and all their friends start to come out more this time of year and it is so funny to see how puffy the squirrels still are. The ducks begin to take over the Red Cedar again and nature just seems to blossom as the bees get to work. On your way to classes keep an eye out for all the nature around you and take note of how it is changing rapidly. You have the sun and our pollinators to thank for the colors blooming.

So, whatever it is you like to do during springtime, shed your winter coat, get outside, and do it. March is an awesome month of transitions and the occasional rainy storm, so embrace whatever weather comes our way. Enjoy spring because before you know it, summer is here and you’ll be saying goodbye to another school year in the books.


Photo credit: Lindsay Mensch


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