Rain, Then Snow, and Followed by Sun

Written by Marie Clark

April means that the weather is changing just as fast as the end of the school year is coming. While we have had a very odd mix of snow and sleet coming down this past week, it looks like warmer weather is absolutely on its way. Just outside my windows, I can see the grasses are turning a brighter green shade, birds are chirping again, and the Red Cedar is flowing faster as all the ice and snow melt for the last time. While Spring is coming slowly, it is so easy to get down. My doctor used to say it is “seasonal sickness”. When the seasons change, you may feel weaker, or get a little sick, or maybe you “feel it in your knees” like my uncle does. I wrote a poem just a bit ago in excitement for spring and the summer months that are coming soon. It sums up what we have to look forward to, but also speaks on the importance of being present in today.


On the tip of my baseball hat

I see the drops of rain fall to my sneakers.

Come on, I put away my rain boots

in hopes the weather would listen to my



But, it doesn’t work like that.


I can tell Mother Nature I want 50 degree weather


But she does what is right for


And sometimes that means snow in April.


While the weather gave us a tease

just a month ago,

doesn’t mean warmer days aren’t ahead.

It doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t on its way.

It just means we have to be patient.


It’s as if the clouds and sun are telling us,

“Hey, I do important things up here. Take a moment to realize

all that I do and appreciate what you got right now.”


Some Michiganders escaped the early March snows,

but snow came to greet us as soon as we returned.

Deep down,

most of us enjoy the colder months.

It makes the cold summer water

and warm summer bonfires that much



If I could, I think

the power

of controlling the clouds from



or casting a shadow

would be the ultimate superpower.

But then again,

it is one thing completely out of

human control.


Let’s keep it like that.


I can put up with the snow and rain

knowing that

at least one day soon we will see the sun for a whole day.

And the day after that.

And the day after that.

Good times are on their way, but we have some storms to deal with right now.


And that’s okay.


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