Autumn Ain’t Over Until You Do These 5 Things

By Marie Clark

While this hot weather has everyone questioning if it is really fall, there is no doubt that it’s late October and the season is changing. While some people are already starting to complain of the cold that is coming, we still have several weeks to get outside and take advantage of all the beauty that is around us. Here are some ideas to do with friends – both on and off campus.

1. Have a Photoshoot in the Leaves

Grab a group of friends and stroll around campus in your staple Fall wardrobes. Don’t forget to bring your friend that has Instagram famous photography skills to take some pics and bring a tripod so that everyone is featured. Make a pile of leaves, big enough to cushion yourself, and take cool action shots jumping or falling into the leave piles using Boomerang. Throw leaves up in the air. Cover yourself in leaves. Climb some trees. Get creative with your locations because pretty much everywhere is lined with beautiful hues of oranges, yellows, reds, and greens.

2. Get Coloring

Grab some colored pencils, your favorite warm drink, some paper or a coloring book, maybe even a blanket – and just unwind. Everyone is working really hard, especially around midterms right now, and you deserve a break. Yes, get off your computer, put away the homework, and just do something mindless like drawing or sketching for a while. Many studies have shown that coloring can be therapeutic because you are taking your mind away from yourself and focusing on a simple activity. So, take some time to yourself and color a cute Jack-o-lantern.

3. Hang Out By the Red Cedar… and Watch All The Animals

It’s that time of year that you can’t go five feet before seeing another squirrel or chipmunk in search of a nut hiding place that they’ll remember. The wildlife around campus is out often and one of the best views is sitting by the Red Cedar River. There are always ducks around the steps by Wells Hall: take a little time to reconnect with nature.

4. Go Geocaching

There is no better reason to go to a new place and get outside than searching for a Geocache. With locations all around and over 4,000 finds in East Lansing, find the Geocache app on the App Store and get searching for these hidden treasures. The app pinpoints where to go to find it like an actual treasure hunt and you are encouraged to leave a memory behind, like a trinket or a note.

5. Get Running

There are so many fun runs going around Michigan in the Fall and now is the time to take advantage of the places your feet can take you. You could even take part in the upcoming Canine Cruise or Spartans Fighting Cancer 5K in East Lansing! Get up, get outside, and get that heart pumping. It is so good to feel that crisp Fall breeze flow through your hair.


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