Spooky Sweets

By Kieran Maloney

Add some ‘spooktacular’ fun to your Halloween this weekend and get baking! Using any basic cake or brownie recipe, here are some ideas to make your treats more ghoulishly delightful!

1. Frankenstein’s Monster

For cupcakes: Pipe green frosting and dip just the tops in chocolate sprinkles to resemble hair. Use 2 chocolate chips on either side for the neck bolts. Lastly, pipe two white dots between the neck bolts and top with brown m&ms for eyes.


For cake: Frost any cake in green icing as usual with a smooth top surface. Using black colored frosting pipe hair, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Use a circle marshmallow and cut it in half for the eyes and top with frosting.


2. Mummy Cupcakes

Frost with white icing and using white sugar candy strips, cover cupcake to resemble a mummy wrapping. Top with sugar eyes.


3. Pumpkin Pop Cupcakes

Most of the fun in this decoration is putting the stickers on the lollipops. Once all pops are fully faced, stick into the center of each cupcake.


4. Ghostly Brownies

Make a white chocolate ganache over a double boiler and transfer into another bowl. Use brownies either cut into or baked into ghost shapes, and dip tops into the ganache. Top with two black sprinkles for eyes.



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