What is Bipartisanship?

By Claire Gault

As November 8th draws ever closer, political opposition becomes increasingly polarized and caustic. The two parties regard each other with disgust – opinions regarding abortion, military spending, and gun control often create rifts between loved ones. The 2016 election has been riddled with insults and slander; even our presidential candidates have partaken. This kind of hostility seems to be inevitable with America’s large and varied population. It doesn’t have to be.

Bipartisanship in our government has existed since our first few Independance Days, when both parties crafted the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Since then, the Civil Rights Act, the Endangered Species Act, Social Security Reform, and No Child Left Behind have served as prime examples of cooperation in Congress. It is truly a special occasion when party leaders can put aside their political ideologies for the good of the American people.

Remember this: both Republicans and Democrats want success for our country. Even if you disagree with one or both parties, they want to ensure the well being of generations to come. Their methods of doing so are different, but their intentions are the same. Vote with your heart and understand that party lines don’t have to be so decisive. Our future depends on our willingness to compromise.


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