The Deal on Education From Both Sides

By Marie Clark

One of the biggest issues covered in this year’s election is in regards to education policies and how each candidate plans to handle the issues surrounding education reform. There is lots of talk about finances, “Common Core,” and school of choice. I am here to break down a bit of the overwhelming info out there.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has pledged to invest $20 billion federal dollars to assist states to expand their school of choice programs in order to produce improved existing public education system through an education market. He is in support of charter schools,  which are given government funding, but do not operate from the same rules as the nearby public school system. He is in opposition to teachers’ unions. He promises to abolish the Common Core and restructure what schools put their focus on. He wants to bring education to the local level and outside of the state’s hands.  He also does not support debt-free college.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton speaks about the importance of public schools staying local in population to serve diversity. She is also in support of charter schools. Clinton campaigns “When unions are strong, America is strong.” She supports Common Core. Also, she has a debt- free college tuition plan to provide free in-state public college for families who earn less than $125,000 per year and community colleges to be free. Also, the plan gives entrepreneurs a three-year postponement on their loan repayments to allow innovation not to be squashed by student debt. Clinton has plans to improve classrooms, improve teacher salaries, and establish computer science programs in public schools.

This is a brief overview of what the two candidates think and some of the policies they want to establish if elected to be President. As a United States citizen, it’s important you see the sides they support and choose to vote for the candidate that aligns with your views best. As a college student, it is now our time to begin to start shaping the policies to what we want to see and knowing where our educational system is heading. The power of the vote is in your hands!

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