Don’t Stress| Playlist

Written by Marie Clark

Don’t you just love when you’ve got so many things going on that you find it difficult to schedule in time to eat? Do you get a feeling of guilt when you try to decompress because you aren’t doing work and you think you should be? Do you find yourself wanting to sleep to ‘relieve’ some of the pressure you’re feeling only to wake up and feel worse about your progress?

Welcome to college, adulthood, and what most of us feel daily as we all try to juggle many different tasks and events to go to. But, if there is one thing that I have learned through my 19 years thus far is that it is the little things in the day that can turn around a stress filled day into a really awesome day. Sometimes that means taking the long way home to see the tree lined street, stopping to get yourself a hazelnut mocha with whipped cream, or simply taking 3 minutes to yourself to listen to your favorite song. It’s the little times we reconnect with nature, be kind to ourselves, and remember what makes us happy that ultimately help us to stay sane during CRAZY TIMES like FINALS.

My all time favorite stress reliever has been putting my headphones in or turning my speaker on real loud and jamming out to some of my favorite tunes.

Good times to listen to music are:

  • On your commute to and from class/ work
  • When doing tasks not requiring full attention- Ex: laundry, cleaning your room, etc.
  • When getting ready in the morning or getting ready for bed in the evening
  • While you’re resting those eyes in between classes/ meetings
  • Background noise when doing homework
  • When you need a pick-me-up- 3 MINUTE DANCE PARTY (solo or with friends!)

As finals approach and life becomes more consumed by lots of to-do’s, I turn towards music as a big stress reliever. I hope you can enjoy the playlist I made called Relieve ALL DAT STRESS. Check it out on my Spotify and enjoy it!



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