Breathing and Balance for Beginners

By Kieran Maloney

Stresses of college can either be described in an eye roll, resolved by chocolate, or are just unexplainable. I found myself quickly overwhelmed this semester and knew that hiding from my problems were not a good resolution. Now, a crucial part of my daily routine is yoga. Some days it is strength building (mind and body), but today, we’re going to talk about relaxation.

I know we’re all just waiting for thanksgiving weekend, but finals are quickly approaching. Here are some techniques to toss into your study breaks and keep a healthier mind set in preparation for the coming weeks.

1. Breathing

Arguably one of the most important elements of yoga, a constant focus on steady breathing is important for balance.

2. Balance

To steady your balance, keep your palms pressed flat to each other and fingers spread wide apart. Pull your arms in with your thumbs pointing towards the center of your chest.

3. Align your spine

Always keep good posture and a flat back.

Keep these tips in mind as you fluidly move between beginners poses.


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