I’m Thankful For… Nature

By Kieran Maloney

In kindergarten, when they asked, “What are you thankful for?” you probably said friends, family, your favorite food, or rain puddles. This question still returns every holiday and while all those things are still valid, a few more have come to mind more recently. In the past years I realized how amazing nature truly is. There’s tons of scientific research as to why being in nature is so good for your body, but, I feel it’s just as good (maybe better) for your soul. It can easily be overlooked because of daily errands and stresses of work, but the effortless beauty that surrounds us is the best form of medicine. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to study and constantly be in the presence of breathtaking views and colors of Mother Nature. These are some personal pictures that showcase my view of our beautiful earth. These are only snapshots; nothing could compare to the real outdoors.


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