D.I.T. – Do It Together!

By Marie Clark

December has come skiing in with the promise of snow, down time, and a spirit of spreading joy. While some people are out seeking the perfect gifts for those important in their lives, I think it is just as important to spend time with those that are special to you.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a present for someone! There is great value in showing someone you care by giving them something that you spent time and money picking out or creating yourself. However, quality time with people is unbeatable and makes for memories together.

This winter, I challenge you to gather your friends, your partner, or your family and D.I.T. – DO IT TOGETHER! Here are a few easy to organize ways to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Even if you only get to be together for a few hours, time is just as lovely of a gift as physical items are.

1. Go downtown

Your downtown area of your town is probably the hub for small businesses, great restaurants, and holiday lights around. Take some friends or your significant other on a night out to explore your downtown area and get bundled up for the cold. Window shopping, a great dinner, and good conversation are guaranteed. Just don’t forget your gloves and a hat.

2. Visit your local library or coffeeshop

While the snow is falling outside, it can be really nice to connect with a good book or bring your study materials to a window spot at a coffeeshop and just get things done. By going to a special spot outside of home, whether you go with a friend or solo, you get to be around people with a similar mindset and less distractions- or just the right kind of distractions if coffee and the smell of old books takes your attention like it does for me.

3. Skiing ++ Snowboarding

Aside from the difficulty of snowmaking this time of year, when the slopes get a good base, skiing or snowboarding is a feeling like no other. Whether you own your own pair of skis or need to rent a snowboard, going to a mountain resort for a day to ride some fresh pow- short for powder- is always a good idea. You can get lessons from the instructors there or have an experienced friend teach you how. Riding and skiing with others is so fun and a great way to get active in the winter.

4. Ice skating

If you know of a local arena- indoor or outdoor- this time of year is a great time to get on a pair of skates and glide on some ice. A perfect idea for those who have skated one hundred times and those who have never stepped foot on the ice to do together. If you are afraid you’ll fall, have a good friend to take your hand and guide you. If you want an excuse to compete with a sibling or friend, challenge them to a race. It’s a great way to get away from stress and guaranteed to make you laugh. There is an invigorating feeling when the cold misty air blows past your face.

5. Hot cocoa and a movie

What better way to round up a day than by warming up with a hot cup of cocoa and watching classic movies- especially old ones. Go out and buy your favorite mix or make some of your own. Cuddle up to a good festive movie. You could reach into your movie stash, go to your local video rental, even stop by the library.

Some movies I will be trying to watch this year are: Four Christmases (2008), Mixed Nuts (1994), Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (1977), Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), The Polar Express (2004), and The Family Man (2000) to name a few. If you want a whole selection of movie ideas for this season- there are plenty to watch.


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