Sustainable Gift Giving

By Kieran Maloney

Christmas is a poor college kid’s nightmare. ‘Tis the season to shower your loved ones in gifts and thank them for all they do for you… but what do you do when you only have $4 in your bank account? Do it yourself! Here are some cute ideas for sustainable gifts that will also save you some cash! Top it off by wrapping it in things you already have in your house. Reduce paper waste and a trip to the store.

1. Homemade cookies

This is traditional and my personal favorite. The Maloneys take Christmas cookies to the next level year after year. We fill our boxes with gingerbread, chocolate covered Oreos, homemade candies, and baked breads and spread the love to friends and neighbors.

2. DIY Snowglobe

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to thousands of mason jar crafts, but this holiday season, DIY snow globes are my favorite. I love that they’re customizable and so easy! Using old ornaments or toys can mean so much knowing you made it just for them. I remember using an old mickey mouse ornament for my friend who is a Disney fanatic!

3. Button necklace

If you’re like me, you save every extra button & thread that comes with jackets and sweaters. I never need to replace them so they sit in my jewelry box for years. Now is your chance to make it useful! Grab a hot glue gun and some fabric and make a cute statement necklace!

4. Wrapping

Try using old newspaper (I recommend the comics), calendars, maps, or fabric to wrap gifts. It gives a cute charm and saves paper, helping do a bit to be more sustainable this holiday season.

Have a safe and healthy holiday!


One Comment Add yours

  1. SammyandSufi says:

    This is so environmentally conscious and not to mention this is how people should go about this season! 🙂


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