Pointers Every Baker Needs

By Kieran Maloney

Baking can be a triumph for some, but a disaster for others. I personally have done extensive research for my recipes and even after precise measurements and exact temperatures, it still doesn’t come out right every time. The best way to ensure the least amount of food waste as possible is to get it right the first time! Here are some technical tips & tricks for your next bake.

1. Cream your butter and sugar first

Brown and/or white sugar and butter should always be the first to be mixed for you basic desserts like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. This will ensure a fluffy texture throughout the product.

2. Always sift your dry ingredients

Sifting ensures no lumps of flour or baking cocoa in your treats. Keeping a smooth texture is key.

3. Avoid microwaving butter at all costs

I know time can get away from us easily, but try your best to have your butter or margarine at room temperature before adding it to your batter. Microwaving it can cause melting in some spots while it still being cold in others. If the recipe calls for melted butter, melt over a double boiler.

4. Ensure you’re using the right measuring tools

There are different measuring tools for liquids and solids. This can drastically change the end product of your bake. Reference this chart if you have any uncertainty.

5. Do not let heat escape the oven, but check often

Check through the oven window frequently rather than opening the oven door to minimize the escape of heat. Fluctuating temperatures can cause inconsistent bake.

6. Don’t overmix

Mix your batter just enough so all ingredients are incorporated but ONLY up until that point. Over-mixing your batter can cause the gluten to overdevelop, making your baked goods tough and inhibiting its ability to rise properly.


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