“Snow” Much Beauty at MSU: A Photo Diary

By Lindsay Mensch

In my first spring semester at Michigan State University, I never walked anywhere. I felt that classes and events I attended were too far away, exposed me too much to the cold, to trek through inches of snow and gusts of icy wind.

I took the bus about five times a day, even to travel just two or three stops to my destination. In some ways, it became a sort of crutch; I was totally reliant on the campus bus system to get me around, and would complain about walking if I ever had to head out on foot. This notion that I needed the buses cost me $50 and a lot of unspent calories.

This spring semester, things have been different. I have been walking around campus daily, even making the 35 minute walk from Bailey Hall to Plant and Social Sciences 3 times a week.

Surely, my roommate and friends have heard my complaints about my long walks through the wintry conditions, but there’s a side to my on-foot campus experience that I haven’t shared much with anyone. In some ways, I secretly really enjoy walking MSU! It gives me much needed physical activity, encourages me to listen to music (which helps me relax and improves my mood!), and gives me the opportunity to see the natural beauty this land grant institution has to offer.

Over the course of this semester, I have captured several snapshots that highlight all the simple visual pleasures of East Lansing during this time of year. Enjoy!

–   –   –

Blown snow on the paths in Brody Square
The slick sidewalk outside of Cowles House
Still hanging on…
North Campus is such a beautiful place!
I loved the colors in this tree bark!
A tree outside of Bailey Hall, reflected in my cup of Bailey Tea (sweetened with Bailey Honey, of course!)
Beaumont Tower
Snow-covered vegetation
Early morning view from Bailey Hall
Ducks on the Red Cedar
This tree bark is gorgeous
This photo ROCKS
Spot the ubiquitous MSU squirrel

–   –   –

While these photos don’t capture the extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime views that we are rarely so lucky to experience, they do capture the slices of everyday life that we all experience as MSU students. Next time you’re walking on campus, take a look up, down, around; there is surely something beautiful waiting to be found!


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