Valentine’s Date Ideas

By Claire Gault

If you and your significant other (romantic or platonic, any type of love is worth celebrating) are stuck on ideas for Valentine’s Day, worry no more! I compiled a list of my favorite activities to do with my boyfriend, and hopefully you’ll get inspired for a fun day of your own.


Although some shows require tickets months in advance, East Lansing usually hosts a variety of local band performances. Dress up, support your local musicians, and maybe even discover a new favorite indie band. One night, my boyfriend and I saw a band called The Bebop Survival Task Force (yes, we were skeptical), and they ended up being really good! But hey, even if that night’s music isn’t your thing, you’ll share a great memory with your best friend.


Dinner dates can be expensive for college students like myself, why not go out to breakfast instead!? I recommend Bruegger’s Bagels, the Red Cedar Cafe, and any MSU caf (those banana nut muffins are my favorite). If you’re more inclined to cook, these pink strawberry waffles are a super cute Valentine’s treat for you and your significant other.


Don’t fall into the routine of just hanging out and watching tv, get up and get active! One of my favorite ways to do this is put music and learn a new dance. My boyfriend and I like to swing dance to vintage records – personal favorites include swing, jazz, and folk. Just go to your local record store (East Lansing’s FBC is pretty great) and find hidden gems in the discount box!


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