Sustainability: The Future of Fashion

Shopping! Whether it’s online, in-store, or with a beloved companion, shopping is my favorite form of therapy. Picking and choosing is all fun and games until you get to the cashier’s’ desk and realize you’re about to spend the last $32.56 in your bank account. I’m always on the hunt for deals and keeping up with coupons, but it wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about where my clothes come from, and who makes them. Sometimes spending a little extra is easier when you know it’s going toward companies that support/provide good wages for their employees and our environment.


The research about poor working conditions put on by clothing manufacturers is staggering. Although in many places overseas the garment industry is the largest employer, trading and supervising are not always made on right terms. Many workers don’t get what they deserve in terms of money or treatment, and by buying clothes from these manufacturers, you’re supporting their ways of pursuing business.


Along with the people who make the clothes, lots of energy – electricity, light, gas, etc.  – go into making the end product. It’s important to support companies that hold sustainable environmental views when it comes to their products. I’ve compiled a list of shops that hold to this high standard and recommend you think of them next time you’re shopping.


People Tree – Hand produced, natural & organic cotton farming, Fair trade, Use recycled & biodegradable substances.


Patagonia – Made in USA, donate sales to environmental groups worldwide, recycled polyester & organic cotton.


Alternative Apparel – Eco & organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, recycled polyester & materials, over 80% of products are made through sustainable products and methods.


Mini Mioche – Locally made & organic, all made in canada, low-impact, non-toxic, re-usable dyes.


Bead & Reel – American made, cruelty free, fair trade, organic, vegan, female founded, donate portion of all sales to a different charity every month.



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