Giving Back with Every Pack: Taaluma Totes

Taaluma totes is a company started by college students with a global mindset. Travelers can bring fabric back from any country they travel to, and Taaluma will make backpacks from it. Through the years, they’ve collected some of the coolest fabrics from Indonesia, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Mali, Thailand, and tons more! If you decide to bring back a funky fabric find from your travels, Taaluma will give you your first tote free and $10 of every one of that print sold. This means most of their totes are limited making them all the more special.

After fabric is sent to the company, all totes are manufactured here in the United States. In the center of Virginia, each backpack is made with love by adults with disabilities. Creating more totes mean more jobs for these hard workers.

Once you’ve chosen your print from the country of your choice on their website (whether you choose it yourself on your trip or you’re just browsing from your home computer) you’ve also helped that country. As a company, taaluma totes donates 20% of profits from each tote and provides a microloan to the business owner that they originally bought the fabric from. These entrepreneurs from across the globe have 12 months to repay the loans to the company. Once done, they take use the money to buy more fabrics from another business owner in a different country to start the cycle all over again.

These loans are doing so much for these business men and women; They’re helping to expand companies, helping owners provide for their families and create more jobs.

Taaluma Totes slogan “backpacks that carry a country” could not be more spot on. Seeing the benefits of a purchase on a global scale is all I could ask for as a customer. Their products support sustainable travels as well as small and independent business owners. Each backpack tells a story and can improve a life astronomically.

As a college student, I take inspiration from the co-founders, Jack and Alley. I’m hoping more businesses can follow in their footsteps with the pure and honest ideals of giving back for the good of the world.


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