To Poetry and Beyond!

by Carson Yenchar

Poetry. What is poetry? Poetry opens the creative eye to all the opportunities not seen by the average human eye. It lifts us up and beyond the stars, into the vastness of space. Poetry is another dimension that anyone can see if only they believe hard enough. Poetry is meant to be felt with the heart, and the soul. I’ve always found that writing poetry is a good stress reliever. Poetry is something that I have always turned to when I am feeling particularly stressed out. As an example, I would like to share a poem I have recently written. The title of this poem is called, “Overcoming Ruin”.

The plants are dry, the leaves as brittle as a bird’s bones. The colors weary and weak from the fires ablaze. No more light, only black, blanketing the vast land in nothing, but sorrow. An eagle soars, startling the morose horizon, as free and proud as ever was. Knowing not fear, but bravery, a thing not common to find, let alone speak. A boost of inspiration, and alas! the grass jumps. The flowers hum a lovely tune, and a lone buck struts its mighty antlers and overcomes ruin. With one puff of air, and a leap of faith.

It is not wrong to share your feelings on paper. Sometimes, it is the only way a person knows how to communicate, and that’s okay. If you ever feel the need to let out everything  that has been building up inside you, then write. Write it out. And if you can’t write it out, that’s okay too. Not everyone chooses this as their way of venting. Writing has always helped me, and it can help you too, if you so choose to let it. Feel free to share some poems with me if you ever get the chance to write some, as I love to read poetry. And remember, poetry is whatever you make it out to be, it is your own creation. Not someone else’s creation, just your own.




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  1. very positive, and helpful, thanks!

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    1. Carson Yenchar says:

      Aww, thank you!:)

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