By Racheal Chris

Pollution is the introduction of unwanted and dangerous substance into the environment. This effect can destroy both the ozone layer of the atmosphere and the environment at large. Causes of pollution vary from one’s personal behavior to industries that manufacture daily products.

Well said and researched, there are quite a number of pollution scenarios that occur in the environment every other day. These scenarios range  from noise pollution, exhaust fumes, water pollution and many others.

Pollution is something that everyone can prevent by doing the right things as required like: Avoiding gas stoves that are not well ventilated with hoods to outside, avoid using irritating strong perfumes and many others.

Environment, nature and its beauty are some of the things that RISE focuses on, providing skills for students to sustain the environment and much more.
If everyone understands how pollution has an impact on their health, caution will be taken on an individual basis so that pollution is reduced.


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  1. Natalie Lyric Kagole says:

    Informative. Nice!


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