Fall Awakens

By Carson Yenchar

The fresh smell of crispy, clean leaves drifts through the air. A small breeze brushes the top of the vibrant trees like the gentle touch of a mother’s hand. Fall has arrived. You can see it on the trees, the burning colors of fire engulfing the pale sky. It’s a great time to break out those comfy sweaters and head on out to the apple orchard.

What I love most about fall is definitely the apple orchard. As a kid, my family and I would always go to the apple orchard. I would always take in all the sights, smelling all the conflicting smells of apples, caramel, and nature’s soft blankets of soil. I always made sure to climb to the top of the hay towers, looking down upon the land like a monarch. It felt like nothing could touch you, up there on that towering stack of hay. The horizon stretched out before you, the faint chatter of people below fills your ears. It is a magnificent feeling, being a part of this place where family and friends come together to enjoy the feeling of fall. All the apple orchards have one thing in common; they all bring joy and peace to everyone around them, filling each person to the brim with the harmonious melody of autumn.

Fall is about change. Change happens all around us, even when we don’t necessarily see it with our own eyes. All change comes with an outcome, and that outcome in turn changes the course of history. You are constantly changing, and that’s okay, because you are not alone in that process. Everyone is going through something, everyone yearns for different things. College is the highlight of your changing. It’s where you find out who you truly are. Nothing will ever get better or worse in your college career unless you decide to make something happen. If something doesn’t feel right to you, change it. If you feel you are going down a wrong path, change it. If you feel like you’re not the person you want to be, change it. Or you don’t change at all. That’s okay too. But our lives will only become greater through the changes we make every day. Our purpose will only truly shine through if we keep making spontaneous changes throughout our lives. And let me tell you, change is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I can promise you this: you will never regret the day you made a change in your life. Even if it’s a bad change, you still won’t regret it. Because, in the end, you made yourself into a better person, and you made the world just a little bit brighter. We are the leaves of a tree changing colors: bright, bold, and beautiful. Happy fall, and never be ashamed of change.


https://pixabay.com/en/forest-autumn-forest-colorful-trees-63279/ Photo credit



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