Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

By Remi Gonety

As the population of the world grows, the use we make of nature does as well.

We consume nowadays more than human beings have ever consumed since the creation.

The world resources have been ringing the alarm bell,

However, the greediness of humans has not yet reached the point of finding any solution

The tendency is to forget that everything nature gives us, it will take back.

Most of the time, it takes it in the worst manner that we have not expected.

Natural catastrophes and disasters are just following each other back-to-back,

But, even through those realities, humans’ actions are not being altered

The hope is still there that things are not too bad or that everything will be better.

Hope is a great fuel for bettering, but if actions are not taken, we can only hope for the worst.

The beautiful landscape for golf, the lake for fishing or the nice Christmas night in winter

Will all be dead memories lying in some part of our head and making souvenirs worst

In fact, realities are that resources are draining and running out every single day

Therefore, humans need to reduce their consumption and utilization of nature.

While reducing consumption is impossible due to uncontrollable growing population anyway,

Reducing the usage of nature is the only way to go to guarantee a brighter future

Reducing the use of nature means reuse and recycle what has already been used

There are greater benefits at making waste more profitable than just being burnt

Around the world, policies that emphasize on the valorization of waste are being proposed;

Cities are being encourage to become sustainable and to reduce the amount of waste being burnt

Developing cities into zero waste areas is a great prerequisite to creating a zero-waste world.

Waste should be seen as the greatest asset of human beings because it will always be there,

Either it be organic waste or manufacture waste, they can still be used to create a better world.

The reduce, reuse and recycle cycle of waste will allow for the regeneration of our dear nature.


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