By Racheal Chris

College is one of the most amazing experiences everyone should have before they leave earth. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to get into college due to many factors like financial constraints, improper guidance or advice, and many others.

I believe college is an opportunity for people to learn to express themselves in the world professionally and decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

Various scientists did research and concluded that the time spent in college is most crucial because it is the most productive and direct channel into one’s future. If you make bad choices and decisions while in college, they might affect you until the end of your life, whereas the good choices lead you into all that joy you experience thereafter.

While in college, one gets to make connections, network with people, build strong relationships with professors and members of their classes to enable them in the world after school. The sense of maturity and independence deserves a mention because then, you get to leave your parent’s house, get into school, stay with totally different people, interact with them and build relationships.

College is a chance one can never regret if utilized very well. Attending one of the best schools in the world like Michigan State University with a diversity of students, resources, organizations and support makes it even much better from all aspects.




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