Naming Succulents and More

By Claire Gault

When in downtown Rockford (for reference, it’s in the middle-left of the mitten), buying succulents and other plants is a must. Young and minty green leaves stack upon each other to form a unique design, and a baby one can be yours for around 5 dollars! Why the heck not. These plants innately have a beneficial respiratory system, giving recycled air newness inside your home or office. This respiratory balance of plants has another plus – the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These include chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, all of which sound like unwanted guests. Check out some pictures of my ever-adorable succulents, equipped with chemical removing power and natural life energy.


succulent pic
This is Luicia, Lee, and Oxford
Oxford’s leaves are in a geometric pattern, with each pair layered opposite above the previous.
This is our outdoor baby succulent Marly. She has rocks around her and is encased in a wooden box.

Yes, I do name my plants and as well you should! Owning succulents and other plants is a great hobby, but one that requires care. For succulents, make sure to water less in the winter, which for mine is about once a month. More water and less frequency ensures the health of these tiny flora. Always use drier potting soil when re-potting, and find a cute mug, teacup, or bowl to use for more space and personality.

Check out these links for more information. Happy plant-having!


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