That’s a Wrap

By Haylie May

Often times the items that are the most environmentally harmful in the home are products you wouldn’t think twice about using. These things are convenient and easy to use, such as K-cups, plastic garbage bags, paper plates, paper napkins… etc. Ever since I can remember, cling wrap has played a substantially large role in my household. Cling wrap can be used for storing food, wrapping sandwiches in for school lunches, and to prevent things, like shampoos or body wash, from spilling while traveling. It’s a very useful invention, but harmful to the environment and ourselves.

Many plastic wraps contain PVC’s and DEHP’s, which are chemicals that can cause cancer or other diseases, and these chemicals can seep into the foods from the plastic wrap. In addition to the health concerns they can cause, the plastic is also not biodegradable so it will never fully go away.

All plastic products, just like plastic wrap, contribute to the growing size of the “plastic island”, also known as the Great Pacific garbage patch, that is harmful to our oceans and the ecosystems within them. There are some products that you can use instead of plastic wrap, but they aren’t as easy to get a hold of, and are more expensive. One of these products is called Bee’s Wrap. Bee’s Wrap is essentially a fabric that is coated with beeswax, which gives it the ability to be used for storing food.

How does this work similar to cling wrap? Easy, when it is warmed by the users hands it can be molded around the object that is being saved and the warmed wax allows it to keep its shape. It is reusable for up to a year, and after every use it just needs to be washed under cool water with dish soap. Then, once it’s time to get a new one, it can be composted because it is biodegradable. In addition to being reusable, this Bee’s Wrap also allows the food to breathe a little, because it isn’t airtight like the plastic wrap, so it is better for your food and less bacteria will grow inside. It can be used for storing bread, vegetables, fruits, and put over bowls and plates. More information about Bee’s Wrap can be found here .

There are hundreds of items out there that are better for the environment, and better for you. These substitutes are a small step towards becoming more eco-friendly, but every step counts!




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