Times of Change

By Kara Headley

In many ways, fall is a time of change.  The leaves are abandoning their green hues for a miriad of orange and red tints, the breezy summer air is becoming cooler, the sun is setting sooner.  The atmosphere seems to change more and more each day with the fall of summer and the rise of autumn.  As the outside adjusts itself to this new way of being, the people seem to change, too.  Gone are the carefree ways of summer- the kicked back, relaxed, sun filled days; the long nights spent under the stars with friends.  Here are days of change- it’s time to go back to school, back to the grind.  For many this means heading back to high school, a place they know well and are, for the most part, quite comfortable in.  Then there are the seasoned college kids; the ones who have found their place, found a goal, and are back to working towards it with their every breath.  Then, there are the college freshmen.

Moving to a new city to sleep seven feet from a possible stranger in a hall that always smells strangely like sewage probably isn’t the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a good time.  That couple hour drive from home seems like an eternity to some- whether for better or for worse, well, that depends on the person.  You go from being entirely dependent on your parents to mostly independent.  You find new friends, explore a new city, learn new things.  You are introduced to new people and ideas that shape who you are.  In a way, you become new.

Just like as fall changes the world outside, it can be a time for change inside as well.

Fall has been my favorite season for many years.  It’s time to break out the sweaters and scarves, make tea, and get ready for Halloween, the spookiest time of all.  And it’s not just the physical changes that make time time so special.  For many, spring is a time of rebirth as all the flowers come into bloom and the weather begins to warm.  But for me, fall is the most important time for change, with the start of the semester comes a time to learn and grow, and that’s what change is most important to me.

Photo Credit: Kara Headley


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