An Eco-Friendly Guide to Halloween Prep

By Haylie May

Fall is one of the best times of the year. With Halloween approaching quickly, the days have become filled with spooky decorations, candy, festive parties, and costumes. Here are some awesome ways to make the most of your Halloween without leaving a monster-sized footprint on the environment.


One of the most fun parts of getting ready for Halloween is decorating. However, many times the decorations you see at the store are made from plastics that cannot be recycled afterwards. Consider reusing decorations from previous years or making your own decorations out of things that you may have lying around the house!321f0daef38c34741118ceba2772ba69--fall-mums-autumn-fall

Some cool decorations that you can make yourself can be found here:

1.Cardboard Tombstones

2. DIY Witches Broom

3. Spellbook

In addition to this, you can bring the outdoors in by using nature to decorate. By using pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and sticks that you can find in your backyard, you are helping the environment because these things can be composted afterwards.

Buy the Candy!

The individually wrapped candy packages during Halloween generates a huge amount of waste every year. The wrapping used for the candy is made out of mixed plastics, which means that they are not as easily recycled. I was able to find one site, Terracycle, that will Endangered1recycle the wrappers for you if you purchase one of their boxes. It is a little pricey, at $85 for the smallest box, but if schools or businesses bought them to put in their stores we could reduce the impact that halloween candy has on the planet. Buying candy from brands that are more environmentally conscious will also help the planet around this time. Some more sustainable, and also ethical, brands are Endangered Species Chocolate, Theo, and Yummy Earth. All of these brands either use safer packaging, local or organic ingredients, or renewable energy to make their products. Another option is to skip the candy altogether and give out little prizes instead.

Costume time!

The most environmentally conscious costumes are the ones that are reused! If you don’t already own things that you can repurpose for your halloween costume, grabbing a bunch of friends and heading to your nearest thrift shop is the next best option. Not only is it tons of fun to make your own costume, or hunt through the thrift shops looking for the perfect piece to wear, it’s also cheaper for you and will reduce the size of your footprint on the environment.

Halloween is an incredibly fun time of year for people of all ages, and anyone can use these tips to make their Halloween less spooky to the environment.


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