Halloween: The Musical

By Carson Yenchar      Lights, camera, action! Here we are, folks, on the streets of suburban houses where children are sprinting door to door for candy, elaborate fabrics and colors covering every inch of their bodies. Wait a minute, this isn’t a play! This is Halloween, a national holiday! Could’ve fooled me.

Halloween has always seemed like a gigantic Broadway production, and that makes the holiday even more exciting to me. Everyone gets dressed up as something, whether it be a baseball player or a ballerina, and goes out in pursuit of sweets. I’ve always loved dressing up on Halloween, because it gives me a chance to be someone else for one day. Who wouldn’t want that?

On Broadway, it’s all about the music. It’s all about the people who perform their parts, or the intricate details of the sets that make the setting come to life. However, the one thing that is always overlooked in Broadway plays are the costumes. The costume plays a huge role in who the character is and what their personality is like. The costume can also bring about surprising revelations of a character’s real feelings or secrets that is the total opposite of the costume they wear. I especially enjoy when characters overcome the stereotypes that are placed upon them. The mean girl turns out to be a nice, timid girl who has her own insecurities. The fool turns out to be a supergenius. I could go on and on.

Costumes give you a sneak peek into the lives of those who came before, or into the fictional characters who live on the T.V. screen or within the pages of a book. I mean, if you could become Elsa from “Frozen”, you could practically begin to shoot ice and snow from your own hands! Okay, maybe not, but that’s where the imagination kicks in. I love watching the kids running around in their costumes, because it reminds me of when I used to do that myself. I wish I could go back into my younger self and find my old imagination, where everything was possible and where I could be anything I wanted. My tip of the day is to never lose your childish side, even as you reach your adult years. If you remember to let your inner child out, your life will be that much sweeter.

Make your own costumes or go out to a party store to get one. Dress up and have a good time, because it’s not a crime to be someone else for one day. This is for kids and adults alike, we’re all different and we all have role models we look up to. Heck, I have Disney characters who I look up to, and they aren’t even real. But here’s the secret: even the most impossible thing can be real if you believe that it’s real. So have a spooky Halloween, and don’t forget to let your imagination run free!


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