The Outdoors and Self Care


By Meaghan Demski

I firmly believe spending time outdoors is healing. Here’s why:

I had recently been struggling with my eating disorder and it wasn’t getting better. But prior to my regression I had committed to going on this trip I had previously thought sounded awesome with the Outdoors Club.

As it was coming up I found myself no longer interested in going, but I had spent the money so I forced myself to go. They picked me up and we started our long eight hour drive to West Virginia. We listened to good music, only stopped for Chipotle, and then we spent the entire weekend outside. I had little sleep and lived off of tortilla chips. I slept on the ground in a tent and whitewater rafted for a total of 12 hours over the course of two days. It wasn’t the most comfortable I’d ever been, but that time on the water and surrounded by trees was exactly what I needed. I needed a fresh start and that’s exactly what West Virginia gave me. I felt great for the next few days and it strengthened my belief that sometimes you need to disconnect from the distractions and monotony of an urbanized life and reconnect to nature.

We’re all running from class to class, caf to library, homework to meetings and labs to game days. We’re all busy and we all know it.

But sometimes you just need some “you time.” And that’s okay.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as all the other work you do throughout the day. Keeping mental clarity and maintaining your physical health is what keeps you going. It makes getting all the work done less difficult.

Eat well. Stay hydrated. Go make yourself some tea, do yoga, meditate, give yourself a face mask. Set aside time to do a hobby you enjoy. Go on a run. Watch a few episodes of your favorite tv show in your bed. Go outside.

I’m making this not only to share some ideas and remind you of yourself and your health, but it’s a gentle reminder to me too. Don’t forget to reconnect with nature or yourself.


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