Weather Changes

By Racheal Chris

Ever since I learned I was coming to study in Michigan, everyone kept telling me to stock enough jackets and warm clothes because the winter in Michigan is no joke. I honestly bought whatever I felt could keep me warm; jackets, sweatshirts, boots and long stocks.

Coming to Michigan in the summer, I was so excited that I would at least have some warm days as I got ready for winter; however, I was struck by the coldness so much that I could hardly believe it was summer time.

In the weather that was too cold for me, I used to see people dressed in shorts and simple shirts as they claimed it was not cold. I was literally freezing most of the days!

Fall is the season that everyone says is the best in terms of weather and beautiful colors, that it is neither hot nor cold, but I still felt so cold!

The weather and temperatures catch me off guard most of the time.There is a day I clearly remember when I woke up and saw that it was going to be sunny whole day according to the weather channel so I didn’t bother taking a jacket or any warm clothing. OMG! I almost froze to death with the almost 2 degrees temperature. I got so cold that I could barely feel my hands and legs.

Funny thing about the weather and temperatures, when it is so cold outside, you get into a building and it unbelievably warm or vise versa when it is so hot, you enter a building and it is so cold.

The unpredictable weather has taught me how to layer up and not trust the looks of the environment. It can be sunny and still be as cold as the negative degree temperatures! I even feel like sometimes my jackets aren’t warm enough.



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