Take Care of The Good Plants

By Corrine Johnston

This week a good friend and I were discussing how people sometimes treat others as ‘disposable’ and one-way friendships where only one person genuinely cares about the other.

What I often wonder is why we put up with it; why we spend time with people who don’t care about us. We have a choice.

If you have people in your life who take but never give, who don’t care about you, who treat you as disposable, either have a conservation with them about that or pull them out of your life.

Our lives are like gardens. Sometimes it gets overrun with weeds. The weeds suck the nutrients and water away from the good plants. Some days you just need to put on your gardening gloves and go rip the weeds out. Take care of the good plants.

All I can say is, have meaningful conversations with people, develop two way connections.

Ask people how they are, ask questions about them, smile, make eye contact, care.

And if they don’t return that and there’s no hope of change: pull em’.

Take care of your friends, be interested in new people, listen. Don’t treat people like they don’t matter.

Take care of yourself, take care of the garden that is your life. Don’t let the weeds choke out the good plants, prune out the thorns, grow something good and beautiful.



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