Let’s Wrap It Up!

By Carson Yenchar      Have some wrapping paper from old celebrations? Want to get crafty? Well, have I got an activity for you! Wrapping paper comes in many colors and patterns, and of course, there will always be some left over. Instead of throwing away all the little scraps from a bad wrapping disaster, why not save it to transform something boring into something extraordinary?

Say you have a favorite notebook. You write in it all the time, but the dull brown cover has got you in a slump. Well, wipe that frown away, and add some color to your words! It’s simple, and it’s easy. Just grab your favorite wrapping paper (including the tiny strips that can’t be reused for future wrapping) and your notebook. Tape is also essential to this project, so I’d save up your money for an unlimited amount of tape. You don’t even need scissors, because it doesn’t have to be perfect! You can cut from any wrapping paper you want, and stick it right on your notebook. The patterns don’t have to match, the colors don’t have to be coordinated, just let your creativity out! The great thing about wrapping paper is that you can reuse it for all special occasions, but now, it doesn’t need to be used just for holidays. It can be used for inspiring the artistic side in all of us, even if we can’t see it for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a notebook. You can transform picture frames, photo albums, textbooks, and so much more into savvy items of your own creation.

I would recommend this simple craft to anyone, and even if you don’t have an artsy touch, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it, and this craft will certainly bring joy to anyone who feels the need for festivity. So whenever you feel your life is too dull, whip out your wrapping skills and show the world just how colorful your world truly is!


*The featured image is an example of how I used tissue paper for my notebook. The paper is courtesy of the Curious Clover store on Grand River.*



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