The Joys Of Bicycle Riding

By Carson Yenchar     “In 1418, an Italian engineer, Giovanni Fontana (or de la Fontana), constructed a human-powered device consisting of four wheels and a loop of rope connected by gears, according to the International Bicycle Fund (IBF).” To think a bicycle started out with four wheels and rope is almost impossible. “Then in 1817, Drais debuted a two-wheeled vehicle, known by many names throughout Europe, including Draisienne, dandy horse and hobby horse,” according to

The bicycle has long been developed, where earlier concepts of the vehicle were still being tested. Bicycles are a good source of exercise and can build your leg muscles to a great extent. I’ve always loved riding my bike, even though at first, learning to ride it was a harrowing experience. But once I was able to balance myself on those two wobbly wheels, I found it to be quite a stress-relieving activity. The world seems to rush by you at remarkable speeds, and it’s almost as if you are flying. Bicycles give you the ability to see your neighborhood from a new angle, as blurred shapes mix together to create one swirl of infinite color. Bicycles are a good source of travel, especially when you live at Michigan State University. You never need to worry about being late to classes with your trusty bicycle at your side. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without bicycles, as in most cases, they are the only mode of transportation that people have. The amount of gasoline fumes intoxicating the air would slowly be diminished if more people decided to ride their bikes everywhere. You would get the fresh air and the exercise you need to stay healthy!

So, I encourage you to take a bike ride today, or when the weather decides to be normal for once (which is highly unlikely). If the weather appears to be nice, enjoy the feeling of freedom and let your worries fly free!



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