Trashy American Holidays

Holiday/gift-giving season has arrived.

If we haven’t been yet, we’ll be bombarded by more advertisements and commercials trying to get us to buy products either for ourselves or the ones we love.

But I’m her from an environmental perspective to defer you from that.

Here’s what’s up:

Consumerism is messy. The holidays are messy. They result in tons of waste! Tons of plastic and cardboard. Not to mention they drain your wallet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. produces nearly 1 million extra tons of trash during the holiday season.

I know it’s oh so tempting to want to participate. That’s the point.

Now I’m not saying don’t buy anything at all because I myself can appreciate a good deal. I’m just saying that with Black Friday quickly approaching and the gift giving season on the horizon that you re-evaluate your purchases. Make sure they make sense and you are willing to spend the money and time. Maybe go for a more eco-friendly version or something that isn’t immediately disposable or short-lived. Go for a more meaningful gift. Even be extremely lazy and regift something. Take your friend or family out to dinner and go do something fun. Who doesn’t appreciate some time with loved ones? You’ll be considerate to your family and the environment! Win win.

Integrating aspects of consideration towards the earth, even during the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the time and thoughtfulness you put towards others. Actually, it may be considered more thoughtful. Or it will peg you as a hippie. Either way, simply caring and being aware of your waste does make a difference in reducing it.

So enjoy your time at home and with others and try to do something less messy during this trashy time.

Oh, and finish your food. Food waste is just as bad.


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