The Little Things

By Carson Yenchar

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. A time to get together and reminisce about the joys and hardships that one has gone through. It’s about learning to hold onto what you have rather than trying to gain something you may not even need. I think we all learn that lesson at some point in our lives. The little things count the most, in the end, because those are the moments that define us the most.

I have always felt that I need to be something more than what I am. Heck, everyone feels like that at times. I’ve always wanted to be a person that makes a difference to someone, even if it’s just one person. There are times when it becomes too hard, and achieving what you thought was an easy task is actually very difficult. In college, that pressure becomes like a giant raging deep within you. You feel the need to be perfect. But I’ve realized that perfection is a false idea, and people shouldn’t be expected to live up to it.

There are people out there who already think the world of you, and I wish I would’ve realized that before. Family, friends, they think the world of you. They believe in you because they know you the most, and they know what you’re capable of. Those are the people who you should be paying attention to, instead of focusing on capturing the whole world with your words. The memories you have made made seem insignificant at first, but they’re not. My parents are divorced, and it hurt at first, of course it does. But I’ve gained an amazing stepmom and stepdad from it. I’ve gained three little siblings who never cease to amaze me with their talent and humility. I joined theatre to try something new, to stand out more. I gained much more than that. I gained new friends, amazing people who have changed my life for the better. I’ve gained a big part of my identity, and I love that part with all my heart. I have so many things to be thankful for, and even though these events may seem small, they impacted me with the force of an earthquake.

So, when you feel as if you’re missing something, think again. You have everything you need, and you can gain more through all the little moments you’ve shared with your loved ones. Never forget the people who truly care about you in favor of the adoration of people you barely know. Because, in the end, the little things are the most valuable treasures you own.


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